Welcome to Mockingbird Ventures


We are a true seed-stage fund focused on getting entrepreneurs in DFW initial funds to help validate their concepts.

We want to be the “first money” after your friends and family round, getting you a check within weeks of first contact. We’ve got the knowledge and network to help you move from Seed to Series A and beyond.

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Focus On What Matters

Our team helps you as a founder expedite your validation and initial fundraising by bringing a complete roadmap to your seed stage.

We Come In Early

Unlike many traditional fund structures that wait for maturity and validation, we are investing as much in your team and product as the numbers.

The Power Of Experience

Our team has worked with hundreds of startups at various stages — we know how to be a support rung in your ladder to Series A and beyond.

Our Network Is Deep

We help connect you to the right people in the Texas ecosystem by bringing in previous investors and advisors we have worked with over the years.

One Block At A Time

Don’t worry about fundraising more than you have to. We help ease the concerns investors have by providing structure and ease of access to capital.

We Are A Message Away

We are incredibly active and involved with our portfolio and will work with you as an involved party all the way through.

At Mockingbird, working with new startups is more than just generating a meaningful return—it’s our passion. We enjoy partnering with creative teams and concepts just as much as pursuing the investment itself. Take a look below at some of the exciting companies we’ve been a part of.

Looking for a seed investment?

Take a look at our Investment Criteria One Pager to see if you’re a good fit; if so, please email pitch deck to: